BOUNDLESS GRAPHIX a creative studio that stands for limitless creativity. From the (re) branding of your business to a poster, from brochure to corporate identity, from corporate photography to a lifestyle shoot, from a brainstorming session to the design of your event.

WHY ? At Boundless Graphix we believe in the added value of originality.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT ? Stunning concepts with an eye for sustainability and a story that will be passed on for generations.
We see added value in collaborations, so we regularly work together with freelancers from the upper shelf to take your project to a higher level.


The restless heart and the creative soul behind Boundless Graphix is Marijke Beckers.
This homeward bound Nomad has lost her heart to the mountains and the ocean, but always returns to the Kempen, where the sun always shines.
With a head full of wild & crazy ideas she helps shape your story with the necessary rock'n roll and humor.
Her life is like her creativity: Boundless.
Want to know more? #boundlessmarie
Boss Lady/ Nomad / Rebel / Freedompreneur
Larumseweg 86, 2250 Olen 
+32 497 92 71 50

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